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If your digital customers can’t see what they need, they move on. Target your customers’ real needs – and unlock your digital potential.

Digital projects often suffer from:

    • Out of control budgets
    • Fresh design but dry content
    • Competing internal visions
    • Users walking way

Take the guess work out of digital success. Get to know your customers better than they know themselves with our proven user research methods. Then build your platform around customers’ needs. Stop betting on being lucky. Start working with us.

``The issues of our stakeholders formed the central part of the ContentKings proposal. This vision on 'Customer Jobs' in their Task Analysis immediately appealed to us.``

Lisanne van Daalen-de Jel Online marketing & communication consultant

``Not only did ContentKings know what does and does not work for our end users, they also managed to convince the rest of our organization.``

Manon Gorissen Manager Digital innovation

``What is very comfortable about ContentKings: they do not just think along, but also steps ahead. They talk about solutions long before issues arise. They really add they expertise with our own. 1+1=3 ``

Angelique Roeland Projectleader

``The user research of ContentKings enabled us to create a better fit of our website with our healthcare users.``

Sandra Landa Manager Health Care



Get to know your customers’ real needs with Jobs to be Done.



Create robust solutions with design thinking in multi-disciplinary teams



Launch effective omnichannel content that tells a coherent story.

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