A selection of sessions at OmnichannelX 2022

The OmnichannelX conference offers you tons of relevant sessions in its three day programme. This is my personal selection for you. Every year there is simply too much to see. Luckily we have a whole year to digest all of it πŸ˜‰

Tuesday June 14th

Nice if you are fairly new to Omnichannel

10:00 AM – 10:30 PM
2022 opening: Welcome
Noz Urbina, Urbina Consulting

Very interesting subject

10:35 AM – 11:20 AM (45 mins)
Perception and self from the inside out
Anil Seth, University of Sussex

Omnichannel in practice?

12:10 PM – 12:55 PM (45 mins)
Transmedia: the story is everywhere
Ray Gallon, The Transformation Society

Good business case. I was in the project πŸ˜‰

2:30 PM  – 3:15 PM  (45 mins)
How medical content transformation is enabling better customer experiences
Natercia Rodrigues, Roche Pharmaceuticals
Noz Urbina, Urbina Consulting

Or join me, when I am moderating these sessions:

Becoming an omnichannel advocate
Jenifer Schlotfeldt (IBM)

3:20 PM – 4:05 PM (45 mins)

Voice Marketing: how getting your business heard changes your content strategy
Heidi Cohen (Actionable Marketing Guide)

Hot topic, so very relevant

 4:55 PM – 5:40 PM (45 mins)
The content strategy of civil discourse: turning conflict into collaboration
David Thomas, David Dylan Thomas, LLC

One of the good things of this conference: expert panel discussions with real experts

5:45PM – 7:00PM (1 hr 15 mins)
2022 Women in Tech: Panel of experts

Wednesday June 15th

Virtual reality in Health Care? Hot topic.

12:10 PM – 12: 55 PM (45 mins)
Let’s innovate our omnichannel engagement with examples from the healthcare industry
Lorenzo Valacca, Lilly

Smart guy. Working floor perspective (IBM and more). His 3rd year at OMX.

2:30 PM – 3:15 PM (45 mins)
The politics of information architecture
Michael Priestley, Avalara

High stakes for content in Health Care. Will it deliver? Quite interested.

3:20 PM – 4:05 PM (45 mins)
The real omnichannel promise: a better life
Corina Cora, Top-tier Global Pharma

You can’t miss this one. An interactive break session with Ellen Altenburg and me. About Health Care and how we should help Healtcare Professionals work with a focus on where their heart lies: helping patients.

 4:10 PM – 4:55 PM (45 mins)
Breaking barriers in Healthcare
Rob Punselie & Ellen Altenburg ContentKings

Recognisable issue. Interested in hearing potential solutions.

5:45 PM – 6:30 PM (45 mins)
The journey to silo-free content strategy
Ashley Faus, Atlassian

Thursday June 16th

Interesting view on Metaverse technology seen from the Chinese perspective.

10:00 AM – 10:45 AM (45 mins)
The Global Metaverse
Neil Nand, Ogilvy

Interesting if you still need to internally create a convincing business case for omnichannel.

12:25 PM – 1:10 PM (45 mins)
Workshop times may vary. This is the maximum allocated time.
Why brand experience is omnichannel content experience
Jantine Geldof, Crossphase

AI & content: always interesting, I think.  

1:20 PM – 2:15 PM (55mins)
Are robots taking your jobs: the evolving role of AI in content
Casey Jordan, Heretto

My own presentation on this year’s OmnichannelX conference helps you find the drastic change in perspective you need for omnichannel success. I demonstrate our Jobs-to-be-Done method, with some examples.

2:40 PM – 3:25 PM (45 mins) 
Creating digital customer success through the β€˜Jobs-to-be-Done’ method
Rob Punselie, ContentKings

About content modeling and why you need it. I certainly know about organizations who need it desperately, without knowing it.

3:35 PM – 4:20 PM (45 mins)
Content Modeling: the translation layer between teams
Meghan Casey, Do Better Content

Always good to check this one to see if you missed stuff πŸ˜‰

6:50 PM – 7:25 PM (35 mins)
2022 closing remarks
Noz Urbina, Urbina Consulting