Content Strategy

With a smart strategy you save costs and time

Your organisation supports customers with content. Your content marketing works in different situations and through different channels. But you are not satisfied with the consistency. It feels too much like loose sand. And you have the feeling that wheels are regularly being  reinvented …

A consistent story that does justice to your brand

A content strategy describes with which content you achieve your objectives and you optimally serve your customers. It brings balance between the people and resources, your own objectives and the needs of your target group. It is the conclusion of an analysis:

  • what does your organisation want to achieve (organisational objectives)?
  • what information needs does your customer have during the customer journey (customer jobs)?
  • which interaction aligns with customer needs?
  • what content do you need to produce?

Content as a source of income, not as a cost

A Content Strategy helps you tactically deploy and implement online activities. Communication and services are thus optimally attuned to the primary process of your organisation.

A ContentKings Content Strategy is concrete, specific and complete. An instrument for optimal use of your resources. You know when you are going to offer which information, for whom and for what purpose. Your added value is concrete and quantifiable for each activity.

Determining internal goals

We look for practical goals. Goals your team can be held accountable to at the end of the year.  Your managers provide us with insights to determine them.

External needs

This part corresponds to the Task Analysis. We conduct intensive discussions, preferably with senior representatives of your stakeholder. We use our own method to perform a ‘task analysis’. Discussion Topics:

  • Activities and processes
  • To ask
  • Answers
  • Sources
  • Solutions

Not only did ContentKings know what works and what doesn’t work for our end users; they also managed to inspire the rest of our organisation.
Manon Gorissen (Maastricht University)

Matching solutions

Now  we can match internal goals with external needs (Customer Jobs).   The Customer Job Programme generates matching solutions in a series of design thinking workshops. We set priorities together.

Components of a Content Strategy

Strategy phase

The strategy phase develops a clear direction. Now it’s time to walk it. In the strategy phase, we build on the customer insights (plan) on the one hand, and develop solutions with your team on the other hand (design). Your colleagues join our design thinking workshop: as diverse and inclusive as possible. This means that the matching solutions are truly innovative. And often very applicable. Don’t be surprised if 200 post-its and 25 great ideas come out of one session.


Parallel to the content strategy, we can apply a number of tools to shape and test the strategy:

  • Customer Job Workshops
  • Customer Journeys
  • Personas
  • usability test

Customer Relationships

With the insight of the Customer Jobs of your stakeholders, you gain insight into why your customers choose your solutions. But there’s more. Because what happens if you repeat the interaction around that Customer Job? And it is becoming increasingly clear from your organisation which touch points work and which do not? Then you build the sum of interactions: a relationship. Through research, many of our clients also discover that this relationship is multifaceted, complex and nuanced. Not only customer-supplier, but also, for example, expert-expert or professional tools.

We developed a Content Strategy for:

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