Develop a dream team for your platform

You made your plans. Going live is planned. Now the question is: where will we be in 6 months? Or in 18 months? A successful platform is teamwork. That team doesn’t just happen by itself.

A team with a sharp eye for what customers really need

After a project, ContentKings doesn’t like to drop the ball. Often a considerable effort has been made: a new design, new content, a better customer experience. We don’t want to lose that. With a coaching process we translate the project into a Road Map, containing milestones and results. KPIs can also be part of a content or editorial plan. The ultimate goal: a lasting success of the platform.

Sustainable result

Disruptive players appear, traditional organisations disappear. You have to be fast and agile these days. By working agile, for example or in self-managing teams. But how do you avoid chaos?

Coaching by ContentKings gives everyone in your organisation insight into the needs of the customer, the ‘Jobs to be Done’. We keep the material from the design thinking workshops alive.

In heterogeneous teams, everyone defines what he or she can contribute to solving real customer problems.

ContentKings helps you:

  • increase support for the needs of your customer (Jobs to be Done),
  • realistically set course in the midst of the delusions of the day,
  • aligning the desired results of your customer and your organisation,
  • bridging the gap between communication, IT, legal affairs, management and governance.

Rob Punselie

Want to know more on coaching or how ContentKings can help you? Please contact Rob.



Get to know your customers’ real needs with Jobs to be Done.



Create robust solutions with design thinking in multi-disciplinary teams



Launch effective omnichannel content that tells a coherent story.