Expert analysis

Quick scan: where are we? What are we tackling?

What is the next step for your platform? ContentKings’ expert analysis gives you fast and targeted advice. 

Clear actions, lower costs

Our expert analysis provides you with a clear picture of the state of affairs in a short period of time. The biggest bottlenecks and quick solutions. The material for a road map or an action plan.

We draw on our extensive experience of >350 digital projects and hundreds of hours of user research. With us on board, you won’t have to reinvent the wheel. And you can make sure have to hand over your budget in blind faith to the agency with the best promises.

Quick scan

Where to start when tackling your platform? How high is your ambition? It is important to get the scope of your project right. A redesign? A quick catch up only?

An expert analysis is a quick method to uncover bottlenecks in your website or app. A fresh look from the outside at your situation that tells you where your solutions lie. Ideal if the budget or schedule does not allow for usability testing or Task Analysis.

During the expert analysis, both a content specialist and a ContentKings usability expert look at the content and user-friendliness of your site or app. Topics such as:

  • how task-oriented is your content?
  • is it findable and understandable for the target group?
  • is the information structure correct?

Bottlenecks and recommendations

The expert analysis provides insight at a detailed level for product managers, information officers, IT professionals, webmasters and editors. At a glance you can see on screenshots where the bottlenecks are. You will receive concrete recommendations for improvement and practical solutions in presentation form that you can use immediately within your organisation.

I look back upon a very pleasant and effective cooperation. Because I also have a consulting role in my organisation internally, I know the internal-external exchange is essential. In this dynamic exchange ContentKings really knows how to position itself as an external, independent consultant.
Alex Nieuwenhuis (Bouwend Nederland)

Parts of an Expert Analysis

Planning phase

In an expert analysis, we look at the reality of your customers and users, regardless of your cause or project. We formulate the real questions of your customers. Does your organisation really answer them? We look at your platform. Where does it perform? Where can it be improved? nix nix nix


Parallel to the Task Analysis, we use a number of tools to get a clear picture of the reality at the customer:

  • Analytics/KPI
  • usability test
  • usability scan
  • Card Sorting

Jobs to be Done

The bases of an expert analysis are your stakeholders’ Customer Jobs. These are the real problems they need a solution to. In the strategy phase, we use the Customer Job Canvas to record the dynamics between the needs of the customer (left) and your business (right). This provides insight into suitable channels and matching solutions.

We did Expert Analyses for these clients:

Rob Punselie

Want to know more on Expert Analysis or how ContentKings can help you? Please contact Rob.



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