Task Analysis

Discover the Jobs-to-be-Done of your customers

Task Analysis identifies the Jobs to be Done of your customer. This puts vital knowledge in your hands of what choices your customer makes and why. With these results you make better decisions about your business, your resources and your platform.

Crucial insights, energy and focus

Task Analysis is qualitative research into the information needs of your customers or employees. It consists of small-scale, in-depth interviews where we look for motivations. With this we provide insight into what needs your customers have, how they search for answers to their questions, the channels they use and their experience.

Qualitative research

In this qualitative research, we explicitly register non-verbal signals and observe your customers’ daily environment  looks like. That is why we prefer to conduct this research in the natural environment of users: at home, at work, on the road or on their smartphone. We can also do task analysis remotely if covid restrictions require it

Eye-openeing in-depth interviews

Task Analysis results are often real eye-openers. Old assumptions are thrown out. Findings of the analysis are presented live in an advisory report whose findings we present to your organisation during an engaging live event..

These findings kickstart the successful renewal of your website, intranet or app as colleagues get motivated to provide real answers to real questions from stakeholders.

Draw up research plan

Who are your stakeholders? We determine together which segments are relevant for the research.  We determine how many respondents we are going to talk to, what kind of profile they ideally have and how we can recruit them.

We chose ContentKings because of their vision on Customer Jobs in their Task Analysis proposal. This immediately appealed to us.

Lisanne van Daalen de Jel
Online marketing & communication consultant


We conduct intensive discussions, preferably with senior representatives of your stakeholder. We use our own method to perform a ‘task analysis’. We organise our discussions into topics:

  • Activities and processes
  • Questions
  • Answers
  • Sources
  • Solutions

Recognising Patterns

Patterns emerge after a surprisingly limited number of conversations. Structures of processes. Start points of tasks. Reasons for processes, Bottlenecks.

With this we set to work to search for the most important goal: the Customer Jobs of your stakeholders.

Parts of a Task Analysis

Planning phase

The start of a development cycle or project needs a solid point of departure. And you can’t get much more robust than a Task Analysis. You look deeply into the reality of your customers and users – standing beside them to discover their priorities. The result is the Customer Jobs – the core objective of your stakeholders. Customer Jobs are the reason your customers choose your solutions.


Parallel to the Task Analysis, we can use a number of tools to get a clear picture of the reality at the customer:

  • Analytics/KPI
  • Usability test
  • Usability scan
  • Card Sorting

Jobs to be Done

The main goal of a Task Analysis is discovering the Customer Jobs of your stakeholders. With the Customer Job Canvas we describe the dynamics between the Desired Outcomes of the customer (left) and the Desired Business Results (right).

We did Task Analysis research for these clients:

Rob Punselie

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