Usability Research

See where your customers join... and drop out

You want to know whether your online platform really works for your customers. Do they find what they are looking for? How user-friendly is your platform actually?

The truth about your platform, exactly as your users experience it

In a usability study, your users and customers use your platform in a natural situation. You can see the customer experience for yourself. Where is it great? And here is it not so great? It is the perfect start for a project on the way to happy customers.

What do potential customers experience?

A usability test is a qualitative research into the experience of your customers. What do they do on their smartphone, tablet or desktop? During the test, representative subjects perform assignments. They are filmed clicking through your offer, like any real customer would. They say out loud what they think. Actions are monitored and recorded. Recordings demonstrate how participants find their way, where they experience difficulties and where they drop out.

View the customer experience again

We create a video compilation of all audio and visual materials. During a presentation, our usability expert explains responses of the respondents. In our report you will receive the video images including practical recommendations and guidelines for improvement.

The “ContentKings survey” was a household name with us for many years. That’s how important it was.

Communication Advisor (Logius)

Many variants, focus on results

In addition, a large number of research variants are possible, each focusing on a different aspect of user behaviour. Choosing the right user research is therefore an important topic during our first meeting.

Components of usability research

Planning phase

BA usability test is a perfect kick-off for a redesign. You avoid window dressing or empty solutions. You get a clear picture of what is wrong on your platform and why. You save costs because you know where the shoe pinches.


Parallel to a usability test, we can use a number of tools to get a clear picture of the reality at the customer:

  • Analytics/KPI: what do the web statistics say about the current use of the platform?
  • Task Analysis: What Are Customers’ Real Needs?
  • Concept test: what do users think of a particular sketch or design?

Jobs to be Done

The most important benchmarks of a usability test are the Customer Jobs of your customers. Can customers solve their real problems with your platform? How does the platform connect with this? As a follow-up, we can work with the Customer Job Canvas in a strategic workshop. We then record the dynamics between the customer’s wishes (Desired Outcomes) and your desired results goals (Results).

We did Task Analysis research for these clients:

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